MIGO – Stock Upload and Reversal (Process-TCODEs)

MIGO – Material Document

  • ENJOY Transaction. Can be used multi-purpose.
  • Initial Stock-Upload / Reversal
    • For Initial Stock-upload use “A01 – Goods Receipt”, “R10 – Others”, movement-type 561 (Initial Entry of Stock Balance)
    • If Price is not DEFINED, it picks up from Material Master Std. Price.
    • For Reversal of Initial Stock-upload use “A03 – Cancellation”, “R02 – Material Document”, movement-type 562 (Cancel / Reverse Initial Entry of Stock Balance )
  • Stock-upload with Price-other than Material-Master
    • When stock-is uploaded with Price different than in Material Master, the accounting document gets generated with a PRICE-Difference line in.
    • e.g. The std. price in Material-Master is set to 2542.42 USD, However when uploading the MIGO stock-upload document is done with Price say 50$ USD, then a Price-Difference account is hit and additional line gets inserted into the Accounting-document.
Material Document (MM) triggers Generation of THREE Documents in S/4HANA Finance

Three Documents Generated in Finance are :
* Accounting Document
* Controlling Document (because of price-difference)
* Material-Ledger Document (In S/4HANA Valuation thru ML is Mandatory)

Three Documents Generated in S/4HANA Finance.
* In ECC, ML Document is ONLY generated if Material – Ledger is ACTIVE. In S/4HANA, ML doc always gets generated, as Valuation thru Material Ledger is default
* In ECC as well as S/4HANA, The Controlling document gets generated ONLY if the Price with which the Stock being uploaded is different than the Std. Price mentioned in Material-Master.


Accounting Document screenshot

Controlling Document

Controlling Document & Purchase Price-Variance (PPV) allocated to particular costing-element , Cost-Object = Cost-Center .

Material-Ledger Document

Material Document (ML)