House Banks in S/4HANA

House Banks in S/4HANA – Change in SAP’s Approach – Summary

Below table summarizes the difference between ECC and SAP S/4HANA in area of House-BANKs and assciated Account-ids

AreaECCSAP S/4HANAImpact / Observation
setup Account ID for Business Partner (customer/vendor) bank master data &
Account ID maintenance is now de-linked from House Bank setup
House Bank setup * Is a Config (SPRO – IMG) Activity.
* It required the the changes to be saved to a transport
* Start in IMG, create House BANK and Account-id, Save them to transport and move the transport across landscape, to sync-up the setup across all systems
In SAP S/4HANA, the House-Bank set-up is like setting up as Master Data and not as a customizing setting In ECC world as it was Configuration/Customization activity, it lead to a consistent process for bank master data maintenance, control, consistency of House Bank setup between SAP environments.

In ECC there was NO risk of unwanted users having access to view and/or change company’s bank account details.

In ECC there was NO need for additional security considerations
Customer/Vendor Bank customer/vendor bank directory is setup as master data
FIORI-APPFI01 – Create Banks

FI02 – Change Banks

FI04 – Display Bank Changes

S_P00_07000008 – Display changes to a multiple bank master including House Banks

BAUP – Transfer Bank Details

FI01 – Create Banks : Create Bank Directory Bank Master. (not the House Bank  Master)

FI02 – Change Banks : Change banks created using “Create Banks” app or T-Code: FI01

FI04 – Display Bank Changes (App #1) : Displays changes to a single bank master including House Banks

S_P00_07000008 – Display Bank Changes (App #2)

BAUP – Transfer Bank Details : Used for transferring a bank directory to the SAP system (BNKA table) using a country-specific file
BAUP – For USA, SAP has predefined “Thomson Electronic Payment File” with function module FILL_BNKA_FIELDS_US1 (see transaction BA01)
TCode/FIORI Apps
FI12 – Manage House Bank

FI13 – Display HouseBank

FI12_HBANK – Manage House Banks
[FIORI App – Can search for and display the details of house banks. Can create new house banks and change existing house banks. Cannot add HB account IDs ]

FI13_HBANK – Display House Banks : Displays & EDIT existing house banks

FI12_BANK – Manage House Banks APP , 1610 (OP) version does not come with default role assignment. 1503 (sFIN) version had Role-assignment
Transport In ECC, when a House Bank is included in the customizing transport, its associated bank accounts are also included in the transport In S/4HANA, ONLY House Banks are transported ( Only the T012 table entry is included in the transport and so only the House Bank gets transported but not its associated accounts )
Therefore one additional Cut-over task is added : setup House Bank Account IDs 

Bank Directory/Bank Master records are handled as a cutover data-load activity and not transported
Apps without default role-assignment Manage Bank Accounts – Provides an overview of bank accounts and maintain bank account master data

Manage Banks – Provides an overview of all the banks in the system. Can add new banks, contacts, and banking relationships. Can create, display, and change data for existing banks.
SAP_BR_CASH_MANAGER (Business role) – For both Apps

SAP_SFIN_CASH_MANAGER (Authorization role) for Manage Bank-Accounts App.

SAP_BR_CASH_SPECIALIST (Business role) – only Manage Banks FIORI App, not Manage Bank-Account

Further Reading

Following are some of the resources one can use for further reading on this topic

  • SAP Note 2437574 – Transport of Bank Account Master Data in S4 HANA
  • SAP S/4HANA 1610 documentation on Bank Master data