P2P Accounting-Entries

Purchase Cycle (PO till Invoice) ·  ME21N : Create PO : No Accounting-entry Freight Condition, change Vendor# for Freight ·  MIGO : Goods Received, (Movement-type +101) 89 13600000 Inv. Trading FG +ve Debit96 21120000 GR/IR -ve Credit50 21730000 Freight-Clearing 0ve Credit ·  MIRO : 2 Invoices against Single PO 1. Goods/Services Invoice2. Planned Delivery Cost … Continue reading P2P Accounting-Entries

Accounts Payables (AP) Process-TCODES

MM-FI Accounts Payable ME21N Create Purchase-OrderMIGO Receive goods against POMIRO Enter Incoming-Invoice MIR7 Park Incoming Vendor-Invoice MR8M Cancel Incoming-Invoice MIR6 : Invoice Overview (MIR6)MRRL : Evaluated Receipt Settlement (MRRL)MRNB : Revaluation (MRNB)MRIS : Invoicing Plan (MRIS) Invoice Verification in the Background (RMBABG00)In the status message, EDI invoices also receive the accounting document number Standard Document-type … Continue reading Accounts Payables (AP) Process-TCODES

AP – Vendor-Invoice

Accounts Payables : Invoice thru MM-FI (MIRO)PTP (Procure to Pay - against a Purchase Order)Direct ProcurementFinance - Invoice (FB60)Indirect ProcurementMIRO : if you have open PO and system needs to post the Invoices to close the status of POs - MIROif you wanted to generate inventory then you have to follow the PTP process and … Continue reading AP – Vendor-Invoice


What is BPAY BPAY is an electronic bill payment system in Australia which enables payments to be made through a financial institution’s online, mobile or telephone banking facility to organizations which are registered BPAY billers. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BPAY   BPAY Process (End-to-End)   BPAY Process : Process-Steps Explained : BPAY Biller (Your Organization) Register for BPAY Feature thru their Bank BPAY Biller … Continue reading BPAY & SAP A/R