FIN. Accelerated Close

  • Real time integration of Asset with GL, Eliminates of reconciliation steps.
  • No Separate program to be executed for balance carry forward in asset accounting. This would be done along with the GL close process FAGLGVTR
  • Continuous intercompany reconciliation.
  • Planned depreciation will automatically be calculated for the new year after having performed the balance carry forward (year end close) fast depreciation posting run due to simple processing logic, new data structures and parallel posting.
  • Complex calculations that are performed at period close, for example, the calculation of work in progress at actual costs, determination variances for production orders and results analysis for sales orders, are pushed down to the SAP HANA database in-memory capabilities.
  • Eliminates end-of-period batch job bottlenecks.
  • Enhanced reports use a logical view that combines the financial accounting (FI) line item, the CO line item, and the CO-PA dimensions to provide an income statement broken down by market segments.