2376723 – GST IN: BAdI definition for screen enhancement in Enjoy transactions of FI and MM
2378678 – GST IN: BAdI implementation in Enjoy transactions of FI and MM
2419214 – GST IN: Changes to MIRO Invoice item level screen
2419215 – GST IN: Changes for FI Invoice item level screen
2450541 – GST IN: Corrections in MIRO/FB60/FB70
2496513 – GST IN: MIRO screen HSN/SAC field correction
2497808 – GST INDIA: BADI_FDCB_SUBBAS08 implementation methods called for non-Indian company code
2502952 – GST IN: Corrections in MIRO/FB60/FB70 part II
2513283 – GST India: Blank HSN Code for Purchase Order from RFQ
2503563 – GST INDIA: Incorrect accounting entries while canceling Freight cost invoices in MR8M
2496077 – GST India : Wrong tax calculation in MIRO for PO with multiple account assignments
2544201 – GST IN: Place of supply field is defaulted as blank when you try to post parked invoice – FBV0
2547812 – GST IN: Tax is not calculated when parked/held invoice is opened using MIR7/MIRO
2583024 – GST India: GST fields are not updated correctly when multiple PO entered while creating customs invoice in MIRO
2581432 – GST India : Message FF774 when using MRRL Transaction
2610653 – GST IN:GST IN: Enabling HSN/SAC in scheduling agreement and contract
2087672 – Parked vendor Credit Memo posting through Workflow gives error FP 033 (document can’t be posted as balance is not zero) (Consulting Note)
2654071 – GST India: Enabling GST fields in FBVB background transactions
2687612– GST India : Error Messages for GST Validations not displayed in MIRO Screen for custom layout.
2688054– Corrections to disable HSN and Assessable value for non-Indian Company Codes in MIRO transaction