ACDOCA is not made out of BSEG, BSEG is still a proper table and it stores entry view line items of the accounting document. FAGLFLXA (Along with BSIS, BSAS, BSID, BSAD, BSAK, BSIK, Asset tables, CO Tables and ML tables) and FAGLFLEXT gets migrated to ACDOCA and ACDOCT respectively. Main Finance tables in S/4 HANA … Continue reading BSEG & ACDOCA… Fields

Product-Costing User-Exit

Develop Enhancements for Material Costing The following SAP enhancements are available for the area Cost Estimate with Quantity Structure: Costing Reports (SAPLXCKA)Costing Production Resources and Tools (COPCP003)Material Valuation with Cross-Company Costing (COPCP001)Costing Bulk Materials (COPCP004)Valuation Price for Materials from User Exit (COPCP005) Let's have a look at User-Exits for Costing-Reports: SAPLXCKA 1. Costing Reports: SAPLXCKA … Continue reading Product-Costing User-Exit


What is CoreDataService aka CDS ? CDS views are part of SAP’s new programming model. Core Data Services, or CDS, is a “semantically rich” Data Definition Language (or DDL) created by SAP. It provides an easy to understand and reusable tool that ABAP developers can utilize to execute the “code pushdown” paradigm. CDS has evolved … Continue reading SDDLAR – ABAP CDS View

A maintenance view exists for table & . Message no. MO418

S/4HANA Example A maintenance view exists for table SKA1 Message no. MO418 Diagnosis : A maintenance view exists for table SKA1. System Response : You cannot edit this kind of table in general table display mode. You can only display the table in the Data Browser. Procedure : You should use transaction SM30 or choose … Continue reading A maintenance view exists for table & . Message no. MO418