2638465 – MRP differences between S/4HANA and ERP systems

Master-NOTE covering MRP-Difference between SAP S/4HANA & SAP ECC Resolution MRP live (T-code MD01N) is suggested to run MRP on S/4HANA systems though Classic MRP t-codes are still available.KBA  2640393 - Differences between t-code MD01N and classic MRP t-codes MD01/MD02/MD03Note 2268085 - S4TWL - MRP live on SAP HANA - MD01NMRP sourcing:Note 2268069 - S4TWL - Simplified SourcingKBA  2614920 - Sourcing priority during MRP in … Continue reading 2638465 – MRP differences between S/4HANA and ERP systems

Manage Production Version

2267880 :S4TWL - BOM, Routing, Production Version Production versions are mandatory in S/4HANA MRP, planned order creation, and production order creation only find a BOM and routing alternative if a production version is maintained for the BOM and routing alternative Business-Benefit / Business CAse From CONFIG to MASTER-DATA, easy Maintainance. In S/4 HANA Production version … Continue reading Manage Production Version