Manage Production Version

2267880 :S4TWL – BOM, Routing, Production Version

  • Production versions are mandatory in S/4HANA
  • MRP, planned order creation, and production order creation only find a BOM and routing alternative if a production version is maintained for the BOM and routing alternative

Business-Benefit / Business CAse

  • From CONFIG to MASTER-DATA, easy Maintainance. In S/4 HANA Production version is the sole criteria for BOM Determination. The Date Customizing maintained in SPRO is removed and the lot size maintained in BOM will not be considered for BOM explosion.
  • Maintaining product version enables to combine the BOM and Routing entities which helps in streamlining the release/ revision process
  • Simplified MRP process for Inhouse Production & External Procurement


  • Simplified MRP

MRP in SAP S/4HANA – Production version

In SAP S/4HANA for manufacturing, the production versions are the only valid source of supply. So, the production versions are mandatory in SAP S/4HANA.

MRP planned order creation and production order creation only find a bill of material and routing
alternatives, if the production version is maintained for them. The mandatory production versions make MRP sourcing simpler, as there are only the options to determine bill of material and routing alternatives for a manufactured material.

These production versions are already mandatory in PP/DS, and PP/DS as part of the SAP
S/4HANA product. The production versions make sourcing MRP and PP/DS more similar.


  • The Selection Method field in MRP4 view of material master is now deprecated. Earlier, there were 4 ways in which BOM determination took place, in S/4 HANA, the selection method is always via “Production Version”
NO Selection-Method Field in MRP4
  • Lot Size entries in BOM Header and Items – Not Relevent for BOM Detemination.

CONFIG Difference

  • The Customizing for date validity is no longer considered for BOM explosion. Instead, only BOMs with valid production version are considered during BOM explosion
  • The customizing that determines the items valid for BOM explosion now has the default value ‘2’ (Version with latest valid-from date). This customizing is available in Define Modification Parameters under Production -> Basic Data -> Bill of Material -> Control Data for Bills of Material


  • Migration of existing BOMs to new/existing Production Versions
  • Since the BOM determination logic is being simplified, it implies the existing BOMs need to be migrated so that the approach can remain uniform throughout.
  • The report can be run in simulation mode (with no “approve” function) and in actual mode, where users can approve the proposals.
  • The report can run for a range of materials, plants or for the entire database

Available as of SAP S/4HANA 1709 ‘s Application-Component

  • Manage Production Versions (NEW) – PLM-FIO-MEC
  • Engineering Bill of Material – Versions Management (New) – PLM-FIO

Available as of SAP S/4HANA 1909’s Application-Component

  • Manage Production Versions (CHANGED) : PP-PEO

PLM-FIO-MEC : Process Planning & Scheduling : SAP S/4HANA 1709

A production version is the link between the bill of material (BOM) of a product and the routing. It determines which BOM relates to the relevant routing to produce a material. There may be different production versions based on the lot sizes and validity dates. With the Manage Production Version app, you can create, edit, copy, and delete production versions.

ShopFloorRoutingManagement : The production version determines the production techniques according to which a material is to be manufactured. A material may have several bills of material (BOMs) that determine the components used in its production. The production process can also be described in various routings/master recipes. You define which BOM and which routing/master recipe is to be used for production in the production version that you assign to a material.

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