Production-Order Costing – Planned vs Actual, Order-Balance, Settlement-Rule


Controlling- Month-End Process

TCODES & Costing

  • CO01 – Create PRoduction-Order, Order gets costed with Planned/Targate Cost & Also Settlement-Rule gets generated. (If settlement-rule does not get get generated for some reason, run TCODE ZPSFC040K ( generated thru application of SAP NOTE 518496.
  • CO02 – Release Order / Chk CO05N
  • MIGO – Issue-Goods to Production : movement-type 261, From Raw/FG to Consumption, with Reservation# of Production-Order, & Cost-object is Order. Balance on Production is updated.
    • if backflush materials then CO11N
  • Confirm production order labor hours. – CO11N
  • CO15 – Order-level confirmation ; CO11N – is Operation level confirmation & + AutoGR
    • Or MIGO – Goods-Receiving for Production-ORder : Movement-type 101, from Consumption-Account to FG.
    • Chk – when/if Scrap account should be hit.
  • Overhead Calculation – KGI2/CO43
  • Variance calculation – KKS2 / KKS1 / {KKS1H – SAP note#2027639}
  • Settlement – KO88 / CO88

CONFIGURATION of Production-Order Costing, WIP, Variance & Settlement

 TCODE Config-Seq.  
OKO6 Allocation Structures
OKO7 Maintain Settlement Profile
OPJH Maintain Production Order Types
OPN2 Valuation-Variant
OPL1 Costing-Variant
OKG1 Result-Key Analysis for WIP
OKG3   Assign newly created Result-Key Analysis for WIP to COA+ RA Version + RA Key +
OPL8 Order-Type Dependent Parameters
OKG9 Result Analysis Version
OKV1 Define Variance Key ‘0000001’
OKVW Define Variance key for plant
OKVG Check Variance Variant
  Define Valuation Variant for WIP & SCRAP
KOT2 Order-Type+Settlement-Profile+Object-Class + Status-Profile
In S/4HANA, Variance can be further split into Variance-Category 

In case for some Production-order the Settlement-rule is missing, then SAP note 518496 provides the report ZPSFC040K which can be used to create missing settlement rules.

  • In most cases, Note 383763 is the cause of missing settlement rules. If the system does not create a settlement rule when you create an order using a template, Note 406059 corrects the error.
  • SE38 Created a REPORT ZPSFC040K
    • Implemented NOTE# 518496
    • In SE38 –> Give Report name ZPSFC040K & Execute

When given multiple-orders with TESTRUN = X