FIN 7. Inventory Valuation thru Material LEDGER (ML)

Traditionally Inventory is mainly valuated with single currency in SAP ERP.

Today with S/4 FINANCE global organizations operating in different countries can valuate inventory in multiple currencies (3 currencies) this functionality is available in S4 FINANCE 1511 and higher. Material ledger provides balances per inventory account in multiple currencies, these values will be included in the universal journal.

The impacts on the inventory valuation tables xBEW(H) – tables: EBEW, EBEWH, MBEW, MBEWH, OBEW, OBEWH, QBEW, QBEWH

  • The new Material Ledger Document tables MLDOC and MLDOCCCS replace most former periodic tables (MLHD, MLIT, MLPP, MLPPF, MLCR, MLCRF, MLKEPH, CKMLPP, CKMLCR, MLCD, CKMLMV003, CKMLMV004, CKMLPPWIP, CKMLKEPH). 

TWO Scenarios

  • While Inventory Valuation thru Material-LEdger is MANDETORY in S/4HANA, however Actual-Costing is OPTIONAL
    • Material Ledger (without Actual-Costing)
    • Valuation thru Material Ledger with Actual-Costing

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