FIN 3. Extension Ledger in S/4HANA

  • Appendix/Extension ledger is defined on top of a base ledger, which is a standard ledger.
  • Inherits in reporting all transaction data of underlying base ledger.
  • Carries physically only line items posted to Appendix ledger only.
  • Can be defined separate Open period variant

How to Set Up the Simulation Extension Ledger

The customizing task to set up the simulation extension ledger is similar to the regular extension ledger. Apart from defining the ledger, there is no other customizing to be done. You set up the ledgers in SAP S/4HANA using transaction code FINSC_LEDGER, which leads you to the screen shown in below screen.

Ledger definition in SAP S/4HANA

Click the New Entries button and create the entries as highlighted in Figure 1. In this example, extension ledgers E1 and Z1 are created.

To create these ledgers:

  • Type E1 and Z1 in the Ledger column
  • Enter a description in the Ledger Name column
  • Choose the Extension Ledger option from the drop-down list of options in the Ledger Type column
  • Specify the Underlying Ledger as 0L
  • For the E1 ledger, choose the drop-down option Simulation Extension Ledger in the Extn. Ledger Type column
  • For the Z1 ledger, choose the drop-down option Extension Ledger in the Extn. Ledger Type column
  • After entering these details, save (CTRL+S) these entries.