MMFI OBYC – Diff. between UMB, UMD and BSX, BSD

Revenue/expense from revaluation (UMB) This transaction/event key is used both in Inventory Management and in Invoice Verification if the standard price of a material has been changed and a movement or an invoice is posted to the previous period (at the previous price). Expenditure/income from revaluation (UMD) This account is the offsetting account for the … Continue reading MMFI OBYC – Diff. between UMB, UMD and BSX, BSD

S/4HANA 1709 : Production-Order Costing : Error

Error : you cost a production/process order (CO02/COR3).You enter the order number.Preform the cost calculation.You receive FINS_ACDOC_PLANNING009; "Category PLANORD01 does not exist" Reason & RESOLUTION Cause There is missing customizing in SPRO. The category PLANORD01 for production order costing is normally predelivered so it is not necessary for customers to create it manually.  Currently we don't know … Continue reading S/4HANA 1709 : Production-Order Costing : Error