S/4HANA 1709 : Production-Order Costing : Error

Error :

  1. you cost a production/process order (CO02/COR3).
  2. You enter the order number.
  3. Preform the cost calculation.
  4. You receive FINS_ACDOC_PLANNING009; “Category PLANORD01 does not exist”



There is missing customizing in SPRO. The category PLANORD01 for production order costing is normally predelivered so it is not necessary for customers to create it manually.  Currently we don’t know why the predelivery of the category didn’t work but with the manual creation of the category the problem with the error message will be resolved.


  1. Go to customizing transaction SPRO.
  2. Controlling.
  3. General Controlling.
  4. Planning.
  5. Maintain Category for Planning, if category PLANORD01 exists.
  6. If PLANORD01 does not exist please create it.
  7. Then create prod order and calculate cost again.


  • 2559234 – FINS_ACDOC_PLANNING 009 during Cost Calculation of Order
  • 2682083 – Category PLANORD01 does not exist

The ERROR related to PLANORD01 is resolved.

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