Product Costing RUN and BOM (Process-TCODES)

Below TCODES comes in handy when running Product-Costing and viewing the result with respect to BOM-Rollup.

MM01 – Create Materials

  • Costing-LOT size is set for determining the Costing-lot size used in CK40N

CS01 – Create BOM of Material

  • BASE Quantity of BOM will be used in CK40N Costing RUN.
  • When CK11N is used, the you can enter the Quantity
  • —-Required Set-up for Cost-center, Activity-Type, WorkCenter, Routing — is required for Product-Costing.
  • Cost-Center [KS01]
  • Activity-Type [KL01]
    • Assigning Rates to Activity type to Cost-Center [KP26]
    • See the Validity-Range of Secondary-Cost Element (GL) & Activity-type for planning
  • WorkCenter [CR01]
    • Assigning Cost Center to WorkCentre + enter all activity-type and Formula [CR02]
    • Go to transaction code CR02, enter plant and work center, click costing button. Enter the cost center in the “Cost Center” Field.
  • Routing Task-list maintainance [CA01]
  • BOM [CS01]

ME1M – All PIR’s of a Material

MB51 – Material Documents for a Material

ME11 – Create PIR ; ME13 View PIR; ME15 Delete PIR

  • ZPXX (PR00) – Price – Material Price (Currency & BASE UNIT – PC / PAC as fetched from Material Master) –> is fetched into Cost-component of Material Consumption
  • ZMXX (MARK) – Markup / Componet of a Price –> to be fetched into Cost-component. It could be in %
  • TBD – Config
    • Enven after creating PIR, Costing-run gives error : REASON & Solution

Even after maintaining PIR, if CK11N or CK40N gives error message, “Message CK776 No valid source of supply could be found” then

1. Check if the price is available in PIR or not ME11 / ME12

2. Create Source list through ME01

3. Tick the check box “Source list” in Material master – Purchasing view

Now run the CK11N and see the results


MR21 – Change Unit-Price

  • Will update material master.
  • Will generate Accounting-document

CK11N – Create Product Cost Estimate (S4)

  • Individual Costing-run.
  • You can select the LOT-SIZE for the RUN.

CK24 – Release Costing-Run

  • Cost estimation is done in CK11n(Ind mat)
  • After estimating/calculating cost , it is marked and then released in ck24.

CK40N – Multiple Material’s Costing-RUN

  • Create Costing RUN (In 1809, can SCHEDULE recurrence)
  • Choose Costing Variants
  • Set Required Parameters
  • BOM Explosion (In 1809 -Multi-structure-Explosion paramaterized)
  • Analysis of the RUN
  • Mark the Costing RUN
  • Release the Std. Cost Estimate –
  • Will update Material-Master & generate an Accounting Document for Price-Change

CK40N replaces following ECC TCODES

SAP NOTE# 2270335 (S4TWL – Replaced Transaction Codes and Programs in FIN) &
1946054 (sFIN)

Cost estimation is done in CK11n(Ind mat) or ck40n (costing run for all mat)

After estimating/calculating cost , it is marked and then released. While marking, the cost it is updated as a future price in mat master costing view 2 and after releasing it will be updated in current price of costing view2 also update in the valuation segment of accounting view1 as standard price. Then you can see the cost details in CK13N also


  • You can Delete the RUN till you are at Analysis step.
  • Once you have marked the Costing-Run or Released the Std.Cost, the Costing-run should not be deleted.

MIGO – Material Document

  • ENJOY Transaction. Can be used multi-purpose.
  • Initial Stock-Upload / Reversal
    • For Initial Stock-upload use “A01 – Goods Receipt”, “R10 – Others”, movement-type 561 (Initial Entry of Stock Balance)
    • If Price is not DEFINED, it picks up from Material Master Std. Price.
    • For Reversal of Initial Stock-upload use “A03 – Cancellation”, “R02 – Material Document”, movement-type 562 (Cancel / Reverse Initial Entry of Stock Balance )
  • Stock-upload with Price-other than Material-Master
    • When stock-is uploaded with Price different than in Material Master, the accounting document gets generated with a PRICE-Difference line in.
    • e.g. The std. price in Material-Master is set to 2542.42 USD, However when uploading the MIGO stock-upload document is done with Price say 50$ USD, then a Price-Difference account is hit and additional line gets inserted into the Accounting-document.

CKR1 – Delete Std. Cost Estimate & then do MR21 & then do Costing-RUN

Then MR21

Price change document 3000065654 posted
Message no. CKPRCH019

You can display the document in the information system for the component Actual Costing/Material Ledger.
Execute function


Then do Costing-RUN using CK40N or CK11N +CK24N