Project-WBS Process

Project-WBS Process (Functional)

Project Accounting Process (SAP End-User TCODES)

CJ20N – Create Project, Create WBS, Release , Settlement-Details

KS01 – Create Cost-Center

KSH1 – Create Cost-Center Group

CJ30 and CJ32 – Budget (Assign Budget-Profile to Proj-WBS) & Release

CJ88 – Settlement & Reverse Settlement

CJ8G – Actual Settlement Mass

CN41N – Analysis

CJI3 – Actual Cost / Revenue (Line item based)

CJI8 – Budget

S_ALR_87013557 – Budget/Actual/Variance

S_ALR_87013611 Cost-center

KOSRLIST_PR : Shows all Settlement-RULE Info in sap ps

CJ70 – Settlement RULE TBD

Project Accounting Configuration

OK07 – Maintain Settlement Profile

Variants created via CJ8V can be seen in transaction CJ8G or in program RKPSEL00 not RK07CJ8G
You need to create a variant for RK07CJ8G via the program.

Through CJ8V you are actually creating selection variant for selecting the Project or WBS etc. Once this variant is created, execute the program RKO7CJ8G through SE38. In the screen maintain the variant which you have created CJ8V in the ‘Selection variant’ field. Now click on the save button to create one more which is the main variant, variant attribure screen appears where for the Posting period maintain the selection variable by selecting the match code of selection variable which suits your requirement and also its name of variable. By this way the period can be set for picking dynamically.

Project Accounting – Few Aspects to NOTE:

SAP S/4HANA – Changes in Project Management

In S/4HANA , PS is available as light version of Project-Management. In Digital Transformation, it’s recommended to use PPM & CPM

  • Project & Portfolio Management
  • Commerical Project Management