MD. BP – Business Partner

Business Partner Functionality

Customer, Vendor and employer can be created in single transaction code called BP.

  • General data are shared across different roles
  • One business partner could perform multiple roles (eg Customer, Vendor and Employer)
  • One business partner could have multiple addresses.
  • One BP can be extended to multiple company codes.

Business Partner [BP]

TableTable – Name
BUT000Business Partner: General data I (In Logical Database REBP UKM_BUPA)
BUT001BP: General data II
BUT020Business Partner: Addresses
BUT0BKBP: Bank Details
BUT100Business Partner: Roles
CVI_CUST_LINKAssignment Between Customer and Business Partner
CVI_VEND_LINKAssignment Between Vendor and Business Partner
BP FLVN000 (FI Supplier)

LFB1 – Vendor Comp-Code Table


Vendor Payment Transactions

Withholding TAX Tables

SAP S/4Hana table SRFS_FR_WHT_PARTNER stores France Withholding Tax: Business Partner Informationdata

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