A maintenance view exists for table & . Message no. MO418

S/4HANA Example

A maintenance view exists for table SKA1
Message no. MO418
Diagnosis : A maintenance view exists for table SKA1.
System Response : You cannot edit this kind of table in general table display mode. You can only display the table in the Data Browser.
Procedure : You should use transaction SM30 or choose the menu path System –> Services –> Extended Table Maintenance to edit your table.

This table has a Table Maintenance view on this table.. Which is generated using table maintenance generator…

You can use that view to display, delete or modify this table contents..

You can see the view in SM30 transaction with the same name of the table.. As you are using SE11, or SE16 to see the contents.. thats why the system is telling you that you can use the table maintenance

Transaction SE16 is a development tool.

Restrictions which are required in a production environment are not evaluated in detail by Transaction SE16. These restrictions are set via transactions SCC4 and SE03.

Generally, – in productive environments – a view should be created via Transaction SE54 for tables whose data must be maintained. Data maintenance is then carried out via Transaction SM30

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