12.3 S4TWL – Technical Changes in Material Ledger with Actual Costing

SAP NOTE# 2354768 – Technical Changes in Material Ledger with Actual Costing

With S/4HANA the data model for material ledger data has been changed significantly, especially when actual costing is active. ( Actual-Costing is Active – Technically this can be verified via database table T001W, field MGVUPD. ‘X’ means that Material Ledger Actual Costing is active in this plant. )

The main purpose for the changed data model is:

  • Simplified Data Model
  • Simplification of Calculation Logic
  • Leverage the Strength of HANA

Business Process related information

  • Reduce complexity and improve runtime in the Material Ledger Costing Cockpit for Actual Costing
  • Example: 4 separate process steps (‘Single-Level Price Determination’, ‘Multilevel Price Determination’, ‘Revaluation of Consumption’, ‘WIP Revaluation’ ) are merged to one process step (‘Settlement’)
  • New 2-dimensional distribution logic to avoids rounding errors
  • Less “not-distributed” values
  • No lock conflicts caused by material movements (in current period)
  • Change of standard price for materials and activities within the period is supported

Below is summarized list of changes. For full details, please check the SAP NOTE


  • NEW Tables MLDOC and MLDOCCCS (replace most former periodic tables (MLHD, MLIT, MLPP, MLPPF, MLCR, MLCRF,
  • MLKEPH, CKMLPP, CKMLCR, MLCD, CKMLMV003, CKMLMV004, CKMLPPWIP, CKMLKEPH). For more information refer to note 2352383 , however some peridoic tables are still used)
  • New Table MLRUNLIST replaces former table CKMLMV011 (Object List for Costing Run) & has new functionality – Material & Activity are stored with Costing-Run id.

Functional Changes / Improvements

  • Material Price Analysis (Transaction CKM3)
    • No separate view for Cost Components, but integrated in main screen
    • Plan/Actual Comparison is removed in new CKM3
    • Technically, data are retrieved from table MLDOC, MLDOCCCS and MLDOC_EXTRACT and MLDOCCCS_EXTRACT
  • ML Actual Costing Cockpit (Transaction CKMLCPAVR)
    • Using Additional-PArameter “Application”, it is  possible to process Alternative Valuation Runs via the transaction CKMLCP and Actual Costing Runs via the transaction CKMLCPAVR


NOTE : Actual-Costing was NOT ACTIVE in system from which this screen-shot was taken.

In Application –> ACRU Actual Costing & CUM Alternative Valuation

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