2270404 : S4TWL – Technical Changes in Controlling : from ERP ECC 6.0 (EHP 7 or higher) to S/4 HANA

Business-Process Impact

  • No impact on the standard SAP business processes (Only Technical)
  • In Customized-Implementation migration to S/4HANA : It might be required to adapt Custom Code if fields have been added to the totals table or CO line item table

Business Value
In SAP S/4 HANA the totals records for primary and secondary costs have been removed and the universal journal includes all actual cost postings, both primary and secondary .
• This ensures for primary postings that there is a single source of truth, such that all general ledger items with an assignment to cost centers, orders, WBS elements, business processes, or CO-PA characteristics are treated as one data record which is enriched with the relevant profit center, functional area, segment, and so on. Since Financial Accounting and Controlling will always be in synch, the company code is checked during all postings to an account assignment in Controlling and that it is no longer possible to remove the flag “CoCd Validation” in the controlling area.
• For secondary postings this ensures that all sender-receiver relationships that are triggered by allocations, settlement, and so on are captured in the universal journal along with the partner profit centers, functional areas, and so on that are affected by the allocation.

Tecnical Change

Actual Items:

  • Actual data of COEP (WRTTP = ‘04’) is now stored in ACDOCA.
  • Actual statistical data of COEP (WRTTP = ‘11’) is stored in ACDOCA using additional columns for the statistical account assignments and in COEP for compatibility access.
  • Actual data needed for long-term orders/projects from COSP_BAK, COSS_BAK is stored in table ACDOCA.
  • Currently, COBK is written as before.
  • Compatibility views V_<TABLENAME> (for example, V_COEP) are provided to reproduce the old structures.
  • Access to old data in tables is still possible via the views V_<TABLENAME>_ORI (for example,  V_COEP_ORI).
  • Value types other than ‘04’ and ‘11’ are still stored in COEP, COSP_BAK, COSS_BAK.


COSP_BAK – Cost Total for External Posting
COSS – Secondary Cost
COSS_BAK – Cost Total for Internal Posting
COVP : CO Object: Line Items (by Period and Document Header)

—> V_COVP (COBK & V_COEP … Further gets deep-down linked to PRPS WBS-Structure, ACDOCA)


COEP -WRTTP (’04’ Actual, & ’11’ Statistical actual) data is stored in ACDOCA & not in COEP.
Rest others are still stored in COEP

NOTE: To-check WHY & HOW in S.. still lines for Value-type 4,11 ?? The other entries are OK. 9 = Actual Correction & 60 = Parked Docs

USE TCODE KSB5 to view the CO-Document


System-Conversion in Customized implementation

  • 2185026 – Compatibility views COSP, COSS, COEP, COVP: How do you optimize their use?
  • SAP Note 2388871 also makes the access classes from SAP Note 2261720 available for actual versions <> ‘000’.
  • SAP Note 2261720 introduces new access classes that can be used as a replacement for the selection of COEP, COSS, and COSP
  • Selection with Replacement-views : SAP Note 2178343 for an example implementation of the alternative use of these views in the standard program of the line item display
    • SAP Note 2159922 (“sFIN: Performance of COVP”)

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