SAP S/4HANA 1709 – sneak preview

SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management OnPremise version 1709 is awaited with eager eyes.

Reason – It is promising version with multiple changes and NEW innovations across Line of business (LOB)s.

With 1511 and 1610 versions of S/4HANA Enterprise Management, building blocks were laid down, with some CORE data-model changes, FIORI Analytical Applications, VDM’s starting of Integrated / Embedded Solutions.

With 1709 version, the journey strengthens it’s stack of Innovations, primarily in the new dimension technologies, supporting EDGE Usecases with IoT, Machine-Learning, Big Data Analytics to name a few.


Source SAP


With 1709, as SAP continues to consolidate the product-stack to  “One CORE” – (CRM as add-on, Commodity Management and so on),  the Innovations in Enterprise Management version are primarily based on EDGE technologies

This comes as big boost for “wait-and-watch” eyes, ( equally applicable to SAP’s Install based client as well as Implementation and Support partners ), who have been preparing for, planning for, wanted to understand, work-out usecases, business case for driving  the discussions on  “#DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION” and the “New Business Process”, New Business Models .

Source SAP


Also for those looking for Landscape Simplification and Consolidation, this version has certain features which forms as BASE for the journey ahead. (CRM as add-on, SAP for Industries, TM & EWM in Core is a Big-ticket item for many)

Source SAP


For those who are interested in L1 level Details of what’s expected in 1709, the NEW Innovations,  has already shared a crisp blog : S4HANA 1709 First Glance



My PoV on 1709 : Can we say we have reached MID-WAY of the Journey towards the product expected in end 2019 – ” THE Digital CORE” and the initial stages of journey and platform for  S/4HANA Suite of products (expected to be  launched year on year till 2025) ?


Well, It would be interesting to know


(1) How early adopters of SimpleFinance, ( the in-flight project,) are reacting to S/4HANA Enterprise Management – 1709 ?

(2) Small and medium business – what are their views on S/4HANA Cloud and On-Premise deployments? Their adapability for contineous change and appatite and adoption of NEW Innovations .


Looking forward to your views and suggestions.





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