SAP S/4HANA and Level-6 BPML

What shoud we choose ?

  • SAP Best Practice Business Process Master List (BPML)’s Levels (L1-L6)
  • SAP S/4HANA Line-of-Business’s Business Area’s List of Business-Processess


Today afternoon, one colleague called me as he desperately wanted the definitions of levels (L1-L6) in “Business Process Master List” (BPML).

Being in SAP world for some time now, my immediate response was a series of questions, including but not limited to

  • is this S/4HANA implementation?
  • Is this Business-Process Reengineering project?
  • Is the project about Process-Modelling using ARIS or Solution-Manager?
  • & so on..

It took me some time to explain him the significance of above questions and further to enlighten him about the CHANGED way of Best-Practice process grouping in S/4HANA. In S/4HANA the structure is much simpler. It’s a LEAN Business-Process Listing under a particular Line-of-Business & Area. Yes, there is NO  6-level BPML in S/4HANA. The Processes are placed directly under the LOB & Area.

Of course, if one wants, they can go thru each best-practice process, take their test-scripts steps and create a structure or a document containing process steps-information till the FIORI or TCODE level. However please NOTE that these test-scripts are specific to each End-to-End process, so the created structure or BPML-document might not contain basic steps of Master-data set-up. Plus, also this created BPML will not have SIX LEVELS, like earlier ECC best-practice BPMLs.

To explain with proper example and details let me share with you two diagrammatic representation of how the BPML of Process Modelling or ECC will differ from that of SAP S/4HANA Best-Practice Processes listing.

Once we understand the below difference, it will help in explaining as well as utilizing appropriate method for Project-scoping and deliverables commitment on basis of “BPML” in case one still uses just a BPML/Listing as Project-scope tool.


Process-Modelling  (Year 2010)




You can refer to more details here – Process Modelling

SAP S/4HANA  (Year 2015 onwards)

SAP S/4HANA Best-Practice Scenarios (Business-Process) are grouped under


And a sample-screen-shot of the Best-Practice Business processes which can be found under “Finance” Line-of-Business


In the S/4HANA world, one can choose the “Business-process” to be “Activated” and the required building-blocks and packages become available for use.

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