Cost & Revenue on Project-WBS

Cost- Incurred during expense. In normal scenario we book this on cost centre. For booking it in wbs we have to enter wbs instead of cost centre. This field is available in all FI Posting T codes(Subject to field status variant config) beside cost centre.

Similar is the case in revenue. Here we enter profit centre in sales order. So enter WBS instead of profit centre. This will reflect the revenue in WBS.

How to directly post to WBS

  • Actual costs are posted to the WBS through many different transactions. Time charging, Purchase Orders, Material Issues, Asset Depreciation, Direct FI postings, etc.
  • The financial transaction allows you to book cost or revenue to the WBS directly :
  • KB21N –> Used to post Activity type i.e. booking cost using cost center/activity type similar to activity confirmation with personal number . (business transaction RKL)
  • KB15N –> Used to post against the CE for WBS using cost center. Business Transaction – COIN similar to of material posting
  • KB11N –> Used for cost reposting to CE by transferring the cost from one WBS to Other WBS or cost center to WBS so on. Business Transaction – COIN – might be

How can PS be linked to CO-PA (Profitability Analysis)?

Through actual settlement process we can transfer data from PS to COPA

ECC : COPA is profitableity analysis that groups and revenues according to value fields and costing based valuation aproaches.. when your create ALLOCATION STRUCTURES (OK06) in U difne the target cost elment (primary cost and secondary cost) for setlement of project in sap ps module.

2008 :

You should pass the costs to a cost center or a business process via a CO distribution or settlement.
After that you could settle the cost to PA, you can not settle direct to PA from a project.


Settlement will take place via Profitability segment (PSG) .
Level 1 WBS should have settlement rule define to be settled to PSG and level 2 WBS should be settled to superior one WBS element .The main one level 1 WBS/ Project will be settled to PSG , and variance will be posted to COPA .


go to settlement profile,put the settlement receiver as PSG(Profitability segment).Here is the linkage between PS and COPA. Assign this sett. profile to the project profile and run the CJ88. Value flows from PS to Controlling. Of course you have to create settlement rules for WBS element. 

Settlement of WBS to COPA

Please list out the steps in settlement of WBS to PSG. we have revnue and COGS to be settled.

  • following-steps are required, if you are NOT going with RA.
  • Allocation structure (OKO6) – Assign your original cost elements to an assignment line and mark PSG in you reciever. You can mark ‘by cost element’
  • PA transfer structure (KEI1) – For each cost element (or gorup) assign the value field to which you want it to flow.
  • Settlement profile (OKO7) – Assign allocation structure and PA transfer str to the settlement profile. Mark PSG as default cost object. You can also mark PSG as ‘settlement required’
  • make sure you create settlement rule for the WBS.
  • +Additionally KEDR steps may be required if you want to derive COPA characterists manually

Record-Type A

Record type A is generated when you save or change sales order.

It is to record anticipated revenue (not actual revenue).

It will not reflect actual billing value. Actual billing value is reflected with record type F.

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