Statistical WBS & Real WBS

What is Statistical Posting & REAL Posting in Controlling ?

The posting in CO could be either actual or statistical. If you choose to post on 2 or more different cost objects, posting on one object will be real and and on all others – statistical. In most standard reports, you can see whether the figures mentioned are real or statistical. If the posting on cost centre was real, you can distribute it via allocation cycles on WBS (KSV5/KSU5).

Either with allocation or direct reposting (if it’s simple case) via KB11N. à Enter Manual REPOSTING of PRIMARY COST

What is the KEY difference between Statistical WBS & Real-WBS ?

What is the KEY difference between Statistical WBS & Real-WBS ?

Statistical WBSReal-WBS
Statistical WBS is one to which doesn’t carry actual cost but its entry. There is always an other cost object associated with it, may be WBS or cost center, where actual cost will go. For eg if you post some cost on statistical WBS, in reports you will see that cost against same WBS but you CANNOT settle it as actual cost lies with the associated cost center. statiscal objects will have just entry of cost for reporting purpose and actual cost will be with real cost object associated with statistical object Statistical WBS will only be used for reporting purposes.   Kindly check your Screen Layout for WBS Element in Transaction Code OPUK.REAL WBS  (Real-Cost-Objects) are Settled.  (BALANCE BECOME ZERO after settlement) ?? During Settlement there is always an FI entry and only Real CO Objects can only be posted during an FI entry.
In the control tab of a WBS element in CJ20N,there is an check as Statistical. If you tick mark the Statistical button, then it becomes statistical In S/4HANA, In CONTROL TAB of WBS Element in CJ20N, there is a field  “CostCenter-Posting  PRPS-KOSTL “ & help states “Cost center to which costs are actually posted.  When statistical postings are made to a WBS element, actual postings are also made to the cost center you have entered. This field is only used for statistical WBS elements. ———————– AT PROJECT-LEVEL, i.e. if all WBS are to be STATISTICAL, then Go to Tcode OPSA – Select your project profile – Go to Controlling tab – Tick Statstical check box -Save. Create WBS using this project book actual costs using KB21N, if it need a ‘real’ co-object, so you can input the e.g. an network activity also the real co-object beside the statistical WBS. No cost center is involved at all
Whatever you are saying is right. When we mark a WBS as statistical, it is not mandatory to enter cost center in CJ20N. As you rightly said that during actual postings in FI, MM we can enter the cost object besides the statistical wbs element. But, if we enter cost center in CJ20N besides the Statical check box on wbs control tab, this becomes the default cost object for the statictical wbs. i.e. during actual postings in FI, MM system will not ask for cost object and take this cost center for actual posting. This is my interpretation, correct me if i am wrong. Now the question is in such case we can define only cost center as a cost object in CJ20N. By any means can we include other cost objects in control tab?

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