To be able to use new Asset Accounting in SAP S/4HANA, you have to also use new General Ledger Accounting. If you were using classic General Ledger Accounting before the conversion to SAP S/4HANA, new General Ledger Accounting is activated automatically with the conversion

The data structures of Asset Accounting have changed as follows:
• Actual data:
o Actual values from tables ANEP, ANEA, ANLP, ANLC are saved in table ACDOCA in new Asset Accounting. The values from table ANEK are saved in tables BKPF and ACDOCA in new Asset Accounting. Postings are still made to the table BSEG.
o You can continue to use your existing reports and developments with the help of compatibility views.
• Statistical data and plan data:
o Statistical values (for example, for tax reasons) from tables ANEP, ANEA, ANLP and ANLC, are saved in new Asset Accounting in table FAAT_DOC_IT. o Planned values from tables ANLP and ANLC are saved in table FAAT_PLAN_VALUES in new Asset Accounting.

Compatibility Views: System and User Usage

The Asset Accounting tables ANEA, ANEP, ANEK, ANLC and ANLP are no longer updated in SAP S/4HANA.
However, to be able to continue using the reports of Asset Accounting and your own developments, selections from these tables are automatically diverted to the corresponding compatibility views. These compatibility views make the information from the new data store available in the format of the original tables. If it should be necessary to read the contents of the original tables for a particular reason, you can do this using DDIC views (for example, FAAV_ANEA_ORI).

The tables listed above are part of the existing DDIC view. Selections from the DDIC views listed below are automatically diverted to the corresponding compatibility view.

Compatibility View

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