Planning in S/4HANA & SAC

There are lot of simplifications and improvements in some of the planning activities done in ECC and their equivalent in S/4HANA and SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)

S/4HANA Simplification List

The ECC planning functionalities have been deprecated and replaced when S/4HANA was released

The classic ERP FI-GL (new) planning is no longer supported in S/4HANA Finance or S/4HANA and is replaced with the component BPC for S/4HANA (Business Planning and Consolidation, formerly IBPF Integrated Business Planning for Finance). All information about this (links to the installation guides and documentation, other SAP Notes, and so on) can be found consolidated in SAP Note 2081400.

The solution to this issue can be found in note 2474069 – Reactivate G/L planning. However, there is a strong caveat  – The steps also contain modifications. SAP reserves the right to deactivate the old ERP planning function definitively at some point. The question is when is “some point” going to take place?

If you are considering to reactivate the GL planning, you need to highly consider the impact of taking this route as per note 2663384 – Reporting on reactivation of G/L Planning in S/4HANA Finance vs the new BPC for S/4HANA Finance (see excerpts below).

  1. When using the classic reactivated GL planning in S/4H (according to note 2474069), tables FAGLFLEXP and FAGLFLEXT_BCK are updated. The planning data stored in these tables can be accessed by classic reporting tools like report painter / report writer, drilldown reporting, RFBILA00 etc. They cannot be accessed by new reporting tools like CDS views (Fiori Apps), BPC reporting embedded BI), etc.
  2. When using the new BPC planning, table ACDOCP is updated, tables FAGLFLEXP/FAGLFLEXT_BCK are not updated anymore. ACDOCP can be accessed by new reporting tools like CDS views and BPC reporting, not by the classic reporting tools like report painter, drilldown reporting, etc.

This has huge impact if you are migrating from ECC to S/4HANA and you have existing reports developed using the classic reporting tools.

What’s new in S/4HANA 1909 and SAC?

SAP S/4HANA 1909 is released and there are significant improvements in S/4HANA.

Source: SAP S/4HANA 1909 – Driver-based Planning with SAP S/4HANA and SAP Analytics Cloud

It is quite interesting to note that majority of the planning can now be done in SAC (even Liquidity Planning).

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