WN : 1809 – Controlling – CostingRun – Recurrence

Starting 1809 OP, Costing-Run can be set-up for a Recurrence Frequency of Once / Monthly / Quarterly / Yearly.


Costing runs now offer a recurrence feature. This makes it possible to execute a costing run on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis without having to create the run manually each time.

When you create a costing run, you specify the recurrence frequency and the step after which execution of the next run should stop.

At Frequency (other than ONCE, required entries need to be made)

The next run is then scheduled automatically and the start date is set based on the recurrence frequency. Upon completion of the step you specified, processing pauses to allow you to check the results before continuing.

Pause execution after –>

TBD – Drop-down shows “Selection”. How to get other processing-step in “Pause execution after” –> eg. After Costing, before Analysis. ?

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