For Existing SAP Customers : Possible Options to address Retrospective effect for Group Chart of Accounts

Situation : customer who have about 4-5 company codes, all of which have different charts-of-accounts assigned. Therefore they cannot report across company (as they are in different CO Areas – because the chart isn’t the same in all company codes) & the systems are already live.

Final Objective : Put a group chart in to standardise some reporting

Possible Options (As-on-Date)

System landscape transformation (LT)BPC
when existing set-up consists of less number of company-codes and possible for system-conversion in single systemLarg Global Landscapes where changing existing set-up is not feasible & a separate Planning-and-consolidation system is advised

sLT – System Landscape Transformation

A best practice would be to merge the operational chart of accounts and controlling area for all the company codes. This has lot of benefits like

  1. Homogeneous Reporting
  2. Better Control on Intercompany Transactions
  3. Simplification on S/4HANA journey.

System landscape transformation (LT) is a SAP tool to do that. The information for the same is available on the below link:

The high level steps are as under:

  1. Create a copy of Production system (s). Now complete period end close and download financials for all legal entities
  2. Install LT Add on and run test migration. Resolve issues
  3. validate the financials against the old balances
    Repeat the steps 1,2 and 3 in mock, dev, quality system before executing in Production.

Note : LT will change your historical data as well into one COA. So you should be able to use historical data as well.

BPC – Business Planning and Consolidation

If changing the existing set-up of data is very challenging, then one option for harmonized reporting is checking the possibility of implementing the group chart of account in downstream layer like BPC Consolidation etc. . The mapping can be done from your operational CoA to group CoA for past data also and can be reported

The History of the Product & various versions

BPC 7.0 MS/NW —>> BPC10.0 NW —->> BPC 10.1 Standard / BPC 10.1 Embedded —>> SAP BPC Optimized for S/4HANA —->> BPC 11 for BW/4HANA

SAP BPC Optimized for SAP S/4HANA

SAP BPC 11.1 on BW/4HANA – BPC Planning & Consolidation

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