WN : 1809 – Controlling – Production Cost-Analysis Enhancement

For 1709 S/4HANA, during Production-Order Costing, some customers did face the error PLANORD01 and the reason looks like (however this needs to be investigated further), it could be due to the enhancement based on new data-structure and new calculation logic.

From SAP S/4 HANA 1809, Production Cost Analysis is enhanced based on a new data structure and a new calculation logic.

The enhancement is as follows :

  1. Supports a ‘make to order’ scenario. Sales Order – the new filter criteria, helps you understand which manufacturing order produces products for a specific sales order
  2. Introduces Category as a new filter criteria to distinguish
    1. “TARGET Cost” at PLAN-Cost
    2. “TARGET Cost” at Std. Cost
Manufacturing OrderCO Production Order (Order-Category = 04)Product Cost-Collector (Order Category = 05)
Target cost calculation at the time of goods receiptTarget cost is calculated the same as the classic solutionTarget cost is calculated the same as the classic solution
Category is used in logicHowever, Category is used, instead of target cost version,However, Category is used, instead of target cost version,

● Manufacturing Order Plan Cost (PLANORD01) =Target cost version 1.

● Manufacturing Order Standard Cost (PLANORD02) = Target cost version 0.

● Shows Order Standard Cost in reporting.

In CO03, Cost, FULL-Listing, Target Cost-Version 0, Target-cost is shown.

Production Order Cost-Analysis Report


S/4HANA 1809 – Shows the TCV 3 – Target Costs for Var. from Mod Std.Cost Est.

• With TCV 0 & 2 , In Report-output, “Target Cost Of Prod.Order” is shown under Target-cost tab.
• With TCV 1, In Report-output, “Planned-Cost of Prod.Order” is shown under Target-cost tab
• With TCV 3 – Tgt.Cost for Var. from Mod. Std. Cost Est, if Prod.Ord is costed at std.cost.Est, then it shown, else ZERO values shown.

S/4HANA 1709 shows three TCV.



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